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Charges: USD$600 for a permanent banner on the front page of  http://www.stevenlim.net  which directly links to your URL address.

Payment Instructions:

1) Click Pay Now below for easy guided, secured payment of the USD$600 powered by PayPal.  Remember to leave your contact number and the URL address for banner.  Major credit/ debit cards accepted. But if you have a paypal account, pls choose to pay thru Paypal only as it has already linked to your cards when clicked.

2) Email your banner image (logo, products/ services)  in jpeg format and the URL address  to sghunk1976@hotmail.com  We will resize and edit your image accordingly at our discretion.  If you need help in doing the banner, please assist us by sending us the images and words needed in the banner creation.


About Sponsor Advertising Banner


This is an official invitation and our humble request to invite your company whom may be interested to sponsor advertise in our strong website (780,000 hits since 9th Aug 2004)  which includes your permanent hyperlink banner on the front page of my website that directly links to your official website for just a one time USD$600.  We will proudly state that you are the big sponsor of my website. Trust me, unlike other medium, we advertise you 24hours every single minutes and seconds, ensuring continuous traffic to your website permanently on the very front page.  We had also worked with big TV stations and big big MNCs, international banks before in many ways.. Pls kindly do not miss this giant opportunity!  My super website has an live web cam interactive chat room embedded on the front page itself which you could see me live most of the time!  We even have a very established online modeling agency with 230 international models!

Let me start with our business proposal with a form of your hyperlink banner on the front page of www.stevenlim.net   which links directly to your desired URL permanently.
Charges: USD$600 (just one time)  for permanent advertisement n continuous flow of traffic to your website.  We will not take down your banner at anytime!  Your banner could be your logo or pics of your product/ services.  If you need any help in doing the banner, we could even do it for you.
Payment mode: Through any credit/debit cards/ Paypal in our secured payment area! But if you have a paypal account, pls choose to pay thru Paypal only as it has already linked to your cards. Click the following link for a easy detailed and guided payment instructions which you will be told you leave down your email and contact info.  Paypal is an international secured payment.  Please remember to email us ur logo or product/services banner and the linked URL for us to place it on our front page once you have paid for it. 
Please do not underestimated the power of internet marketing.  It is definitely more affordable than other medium u have seen before.  With 24/7, awareness is accumulated and generated permanently.  Being able to sponsor a website, only shows the financial strength, power, generosity of the company.
If you have any enquiries, please kindly email us  or give me a direct call: +65 93857300. We will be very customer-oriented to work out the paper work for you too.  

I really hope you will sincerely consider sponsor advertise in our website soon, not only for your sake but as a support to an website that its main objectives are to entertain people n promote racial unity/harmony.  Thank you.

Best Regards,  Steven Lim